I was recently in your dive shop getting some flipper straps and the guys were real helpful and informative. We will be back for 5th of May so will stop in. Hope to do some diving soon……..thanks!       Flip Nicholson
Hello Susan: 

Thought I would send you an email and thank you and your group for a few fun dives while in Manzanillo last week. Lee and I appreciated your help and assistance–good equipment and people!

I had a look around your web site “gomanzanillo”–good info !  Took a bus down to La Posada Hotel my last day and looked around–nice spot for sure. I grabbed some info and hopefully will be back shortly to stay for awhile.

Came home to snow and sunshine–will get some skiing in for the next few months while it’s still good in the mountains. 

Thanks again for everything–had a great time!”


Dr. Douglas Myers

Cochrane, AB    

Thank you so much for your letter. I am truly glad to know that the whales and dolphins in your area are protected. Also thank you for the additional suggestions for things to do, other than diving, since I know that diving is your main source of income.

Michelle Feldstein


Thanks go to you and the rest of your shop for outfitting us and assisting us with the certification.

We get to Manzanillo once/year or so and will be by the shop again. If we can refer others, we will.

Kindest regards,
Ron Everard
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Susan –

Thanks again for your significant part in our underwater engagement. Your photos were great and I hope those I left for you were pleasing.

We look forward to our next trip and will call well in advance to schedule some SCUBA and some social time.

Best wishes to you, Carlos, John and the crew. You’re the best!

Steve and Pat McCollister
Omaha, Nebraska

Dear Susan,

Thank you and your entire staff for a wonderful impromptu Snorkeling trip last Wednesday in Manzanillo. We were the couple of veterinarians, Bob and Sandy, along with Ed and Elaine from the Norwegian Star. We had a great time. You are fortunate to have coral reefs so close by and even a wreck within snorkeling distance. Thanks to everyone for giving us a great experience. We will certainly look you up when we come down again. Feel free to ask any veterinary questions if need be by e-mail and I will try to help out.

Best wishes,
Sandy Wright

Why does the Neptune website say not to trust the other dive shops in
Manzanillo? Are they trustworthy? I find that when people that say somebody
else is up to something, the person talking is usually the guilty party.
Hmmmm. (Note: Since this was written, Neptune’s Dive College in Manzanillo has been expelled permanently from PADI.)
Staff & Guests

I just wanted to send a note to let you know that you made our vacation experience one that’ll be very hard to beat! My diving experience was awesome and we felt more than just tourists. Your book was worth every peso! With your guide we felt more informed and made our trip more enjoyable. We finally got our pictures back and I’ll be reprinting some of them for you. Unfortunately the pic of that “grand-daddy” eel we saw
on our night dive came out a bit blurry, but I have a cool pic of the sea horse. Let Carlos know that I’m still working on getting him some new USMC gear… 🙂

Thanks Again,
Steve, Becki, & Sheena Fox
San Diego, California

Hola and hope all is well with the crew at Underworld Scuba!

I was just thinking about the great trip we had with our diving trip being one of the highlights! Thank you for the great trip. Fernando, you are a fabulous instructor. Harry is a ‘feet on the ground; hands on the handle-bar’ kind of guy and you got him under the water!! He says he’ll even go again. Thanks as well to the best tour guides in Manzanillo!! Definitely one for the scrapbook.

Linda and Harry Smith
Side Winder Marine

Hello Susan,

Thank you so much for the Scuba Experience!

It was one of the highlights of our trip, we’ve talked to everyone about it. Your personalized attention made all the difference, thank you.

Ralph Gallardo
Theresa Furtado

I must tell you that I had a great time in Manzanillo, and both you and Carlos, made the trip memorable, and enjoyable, and I can hardly wait to dive with you guys again!!!Thanks,
Dennis Whiston
Blue Water Dive Club of Michan, Canada
I have to tell you ,Susan, that you were right as far as my  highlight was definitely the scuba adventure.  It was such a pleasure to meet you all and will always remember my trip to Manzanillo.  Susan, I am sharing your book with friends who will want to come there.  The weather here in Oregon has been beautiful, clear and sunny but in the 30’s to 40’s.  I work outside as does Paul so we have some acclimating to do.  I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!

Lisa Guarnero

Hi Fernando,


I hope this finds you well.  We got back to Virginia Monday night, and I have been reminiscing every day about the fantastic weekend of diving there in Manzanillo!  I need to ask you a couple questions for my dive log:


Also, what is the name of the big fat brown starfish with orange spots? (Note from Underworld Scuba – Scuba Shack: That was a Panamic Cushion Star)


Thanks again for great dives and lots of fun!


Best wishes,


Hey Susan and Carlos,

My name is Iyanah Urquidez, I dont know if you remember me but my husband and I came and did a Discover Scuba Diving course with Fernando a little over a week ago. I went on the Shoretrips website to leave you guys some good feedback but I couldn’t find any link that directed me to be able to leave a comment. I saw an area where you could read other peoples comments from other vacation trips that they offer in other cities/countries, but couldn’t find one for your business. I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about it and I will try looking again…maybe I overlooked it. Thanks a bunch! Discover Scuba Diving was the highlight of our cruise.



I loved the 2 dives we did on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2009. We dove Friar’s Rock and then closer to shore around the point. I was alone (58 year old, gray hair) versus the younger guy and his son.

I would like it if you could send me the pictures from that day. I look forward to diving with you again when I am in Manzanillo.

Carlos (Chuck) Conroy

We were referred to your company by some friends of ours who thoroughly enjoyed their snorkeling experience while in Manzanillo last year.  There are four of us in our party and we’d love some more information about your snorkeling packages.  I’ve read through your website and everything looks great!  My father and I are certified divers, but my husband and my mother are not, so we’ve decided to plan a snorkeling trip that we can all enjoy together.  We will be in Manzanillo on Sunday, January 4th with Carnival Cruise Lines.  Our friends had an amazing guide, Diane Johnson, and highly recommended her.  Would she possibly be available for our tour?  Any additional information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


Heather Jenkins

Salt Lake City, Utah

Your Sea & See Snorkeling Safari was the best ever. We had so much fun and enjoyed having that red snapper on the beach afterward. Dian was fantastic. Her enthusiasm about the sea is catching!Jim and Carol
Seattle, Washington
Hi Susan,

We finally returned home to snowy central Europe, dug out the driveway, put away the sunscreen and insect repellant, and settled back into life.

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip with you, how much we appreciated listening to your local knowledge of Manzanillo, and what a treat it was getting away from the usual tourist traps. As a long-term expat, I know what it means to be both inside and outside your adopted culture. It’s a position I enjoy a lot, and I see you do, too.

Thank you again for the delightful day in Manzanillo. It’s a place we would like to return to during a longer journey into Mexico.

Very best regards,
Beth Tait, Oscar and Dalibor Fiala

Hi Susan and Diane,

We want to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Manzanillo.  The best tour ever! We learned so much from you both and definitely want to return next year  We’re working on that now.   We’ll keep in touch with you and look forward to the next time. 

Thanks again.
Gale and Tom

Hi Susan,

We’re back from our cruise, and I’m back at work already.  I had to get off the ship and return to work the same day….UGH!!  I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our snorkel trip with your group, and we’ll recommend you to friends in the future.  Thank you so much for the very personal attention that we received.

Trina Simmons

Still trying to catch up from being gone, so haven’t had time to even look at all my e-mails.  Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our day in Manzanillo.

We definitely left with fond memories!  Thanks again for all you did to make our day special.

I’ll get back on Cruise Critic as soon as possible & let people know how much fun we had.

Pat Jacobsen

Susan –


Sorry for the lateness of this message but getting back to reality after a vacation is not easy!


My husband & I wanted to thank you for putting together our kayak/snorkeling excursion on April 1.  We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would not hesitate to shout it from the rooftops that your outfit is the one to use for  activities in Manzanillo. 


We want to give kudos to Justin as well.  He is truly an asset to your business.  He made the trip extremely enjoyable and the fact that we got a private tour was an added bonus.  Although he is only 19, he was mature and courteous beyond his years.  We just wish we had more time to thank him before we headed back to the ship.


We kayaked at a nice pace, not the rushed pace we had in Cabo last year. Next time we come down, I am sure it will be back to normal and we can enjoy the laid back feeling of Manzanillo.  As a matter of fact, we saw a new home being built that we could afford.  If we didn’t live in such a beautiful city (San Diego) with a great climate, we would consider getting it for our winter home! 


Thanks again for your services.  You can count on us coming back to Manzanillo.


Gail & Arthur Wilson

Susan,Just wanted you to know what a great staff you have. Jonathan was wonderful with our 9-year-old. Jonathan had more patience than I do, and my son is still talking about his snorkeling experience. Feeding the King Angels was fantastic. When we got home, we looked up angelfish on the internet, and Jason made a collage by printing out pictures. Your Sea & See adventure was educational as well.

Mary, Mike and Justin


Susan,With our large group of 23, we found your staff, Diane, Jonathan, and Justin to be friendly, helpful, and organized. It’s not easy keeping track of that many people, but your guides and boat captains should be congratulated for a job well done. We’ll definitely come back to Manzanillo and snorkel again.

Glendale, CA